Missouri Man Wins Lottery. What He Did With The Money Left Me In Awe.

It’s nearly every person’s dream situation: Winning the lottery. What would they do with the money? Buy mansions? Fill a garage with enough cars to drive one a day for a year? Go on an endless series of cruises? Buy a share of a sports team? The possibilities are endless. But bad karma can lurk for those who win. Many go bankrupt pretty quickly after winning. But this man has stored up a lot of good karma.

Mark Hill won the lottery big time in 2012 – nearly $300 million. He probably took the lump sum and even after taxes, $150 million is still a lot. He did what many people would – taking vacations, getting new vehicles and homes. There was still a lot left over and this is a simple small-town man. What would he do with the rest of it? He probably socked away a bit for his family, but then he made a big decision.

That decision was to use some of the money to build a state-of-the-art firehouse and 24/7 ambulance service building. The town’s fire department is all volunteer and his father’s life had been saved twice by volunteer firefighters. They have a training center, brand new fire trucks. It’s all amazing. Now the residents of Camden Point can sleep well at night knowing any fires will be put out quickly.

So many people who got this money might have frittered it away without a second thought. Buying a whole bunch of unnecessary things or giving it away to relatives who always have their hands out. I’m sure that Hill had to fend off a lot of people who suddenly realized that they were “related” to him. No, this is a man that thought that giving back to the community was far more important than buying the latest tinker toy.

What an amazing story. What would you do if you suddenly won the lottery? I’d look into buying a minority share of a baseball team. We’d love to hear your scenarios in the comments section.

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