Simon Cowell swipes at 11-year-old: ” You’re too young to handle this song” — Watch when she proves him very wrong.

Molly BGT - One Night OnlyThirty-five million people can’t be wrong. But when Molly Rainford introduced herself on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, there were a lot of people who had doubts in their mind for the meek, young girl with the soft voice.

Molly BGTShe introduced herself as eleven years old, and she informed the judges that she goes to church on Sundays with her Nan. Some members of the audience were clearly intrigued.

However, the cantankerous Simon used his standard line of “ Best of luck” to indicate his disbelief in her talent of one who was so shy.

Once Molly started her version of Jennifer Hudson’s, One Night Only, her steady, strong voice won the audience to her side. Her vocals filled the music hall with powerful vibrations as she hit every note with pitch-perfection perfection.

And before the song was through, they were on their feet cheering and clapping in their amazement. Even Simon’s face showed admiration for her talent. The show ended with all of the four judges giving her their votes of confidence.

After that night, over thirty-five million people viewed her performance. That’s something Simon didn’t count on!

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Simon Cowell swipes at 11-year-old: \