Mom accuses husky about stealing her shoe, his response has the net in fits of laughter

“Siberian Huskies” are known for their intelligence, they are a beautiful dog that can be a little mischievous, and like to play games with their people friends. These wonderful dogs are not the breed for a first time dog owner, as you need to maintain the “Alpha” role at all times or these clever dogs will take the upper hand. If you decide to own a Husky, you must make sure that they are trained in obedience from a very early age. Are you getting the picture?

Huskies are also a known escape artist. “Harry Houdini” has nothing on these furry-escapologists. They can jump fences, break leads and chains, even slip-collars are no problem for this tricky breed. These dogs have been known to wander off into the sunset, never to be seen again. If you decide to adopt one, you will need a high-fenced yard, oh and note, the fence should be several inches under-ground as well, as these sneaky dogs will dig their way out if possible……..but wait…….there’s more. The husky can also be VERY destructive. If left to their own devises inside, they can literally destroy a house. Outside they will have a ball digging up your garden, you know, the garden that you have spent years getting just right.

So, you are now thinking, do I really want one of these dogs? The Siberian husky was developed as a sled dog, in fact some are still used today in this capacity. The huskies ability to learn is amazing, they are indeed a remarkable breed of dog. The problem with the husky is their beauty. This asset has clouded the judgment of many a potential owner, and when they have gotten the dog home the trouble begins.

Because they are so intelligent, the Siberian husky can sometime use its sponge-like-mind to learn the more unsavory things that its environment offers. One more thing, these wonderful dogs love children and will greet anyone coming into their home, unfortunately, this may include some intruders that might not be welcome. In fact, huskies don’t bark and are more likely to help a burglar before being a threat. Hence, huskies don’t make good watch dogs.

The clip bellow will show you just how intelligent this loving breed is. “Azlin” the adorable husky featured, is in big trouble with his mom. It seems that he may have stolen one of her shoes, and she wants it back. Now Azlin firstly denies any wrong doing, in a way that only a Husky could, by voicing his disgust at being accused of such a wrong doing. But then he has to concede defeat and retrieves the missing shoe. This clip is an amazing example of how clever, and how loyal, the beautiful breed can be.

Click on the link below and enjoy the antics of this Siberian husky with the kleptomaniac tendencies.