Mom Adopts A Rescue Dog For Her Daughter. Now See How He Communicates With Her…

Neeva is a four-year-old girl from New Mexico who was born deaf. Chelsea Goff, her mother, wanted to look for a particular pet friend for her that would fit with the girl’s unique needs.

She went to the Animal Humane shelter near their home, and she set out to look for a dog that Neeva could love and trust. That’s when they met the amazing Baxter!

They talked to the staff of Animal Humane about Neeva’s particular situation, and the people at Animal Humane showed them several dogs that could fit the job reasonably well. Baxter, however, made an instant connection with Neeva, and since the moment they met each other, they knew that they belonged together.

He showed that he’s a brilliant and charismatic dog since the very beginning, and the unique talent that allowed him to communicate with Neeva sealed the deal.

Baxter has the incredible ability to understand Neeva’s sign language when she speaks to him, even though he never received the kind of training that would allow him to do so. They’ve been inseparable since they met, and their special bond will undoubtedly carry on through the years.

You can watch Neeva’s fantastic story with her dog Baxter in the video right below.

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