Mom and daughter perform ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in jaw-dropping street performance

Karolina and her mother

Karolina is a young violinist who often performs on the streets in big cities. She travels with a wagon full of sound equipment and plays her music through speakers.


Today, she’s covering Celine Dion’s classic, “My Heart Will Go On,” which was the breakout song of the ‘Titanic’ soundtrack. This song is already full of emotion to many listeners because of the film.

Karolina plays gracefully, accompanying a prerecorded track. The highlights of her performance are her ballerina-like moves and the smoothness of her violin tone.

Karolina's mother

Then the camera pans to a woman, who happens to be Karolina’s mother, Ella. Ella begins to sing Dion’s classic, but she’s not doing it alone. She is wearing her one-year-old baby in a carrier on her chest.

Her small son stands close by, playing with the microphone cord and stand. Somehow, Ella keeps her composure and sings although her baby is wiggling and her son is fidgeting.

Karolina with her mother

Karolina continues to play and move with great emotion. The camera moves back to take in the entire family as they perform for a great crowd that’s gathered.

People of all ages have stopped to watch this family perform “My Heart Will Go On,” and they all cheer when the song comes to an end. The audience has been moved by Karolina’s music and her mother’s voice. This family is truly passionate about music.

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Mom and daughter perform \'My Heart Will Go On\' in jaw-dropping street performance