This Mom Asked Her Pooches “Who Stole The Cookie”. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog To The Left! WOW!

When it comes to our pets we are in love. We simply adore them and don’t believe that any other animal out there even compares to our precious pooches. We love our dogs and from the moment we bring them home the first time we are wrapped around their little paw and those little deviants know it hook line and sinker.

Our pets are our whole worlds and anyone who knows us is aware of how much we love them. I mean it goes without saying that our fur babies are spoiled rotten, we make sure they have the best food, the most comfortable bed and an endless supply of treats. So when we see videos like the featured one below we are not surprised at all.

This featured video shows two black labs. This brother and sister duo are known for getting into quite a few messes and their mom always seem to be right there to capture it on camera.

The two pooches are Loa and Harley. These two apparently have been a little naughty and have been stealing cookies from the kitchen. Their mom has brought them before the camera to see if she can get one of them to rat the other one out. When you see their reaction we promise that you will be laughing hysterically, we know we were!

Watch this adorably hilariously video below and let us know what you thought of it. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.