Her Mom Asked Them To Smile. How This Dog Responded Had Me In STITCHES! HILARIOUS!

Pets are not only our friends, but also amazing packages of surprises. I fall every day a little more for my dog when he acts silly and surprises me with his cute gestures. I would give up any pleasure just to see him act silly. This dog here, on the contrary, gives me a good laugh by his smart act. Do hold on to your seat while watching this.

This momma wanted a perfect picture of her little princess and their handsome dog. She wanted them to look all happy and joyful, so she asked them to say “cheese.” Her baby promptly obeys and gave her the prettiest smile. But when she asks her dog to do the same, I was rolling on the floor laughing.

This dog can actually smile. I would not be surprised if I saw this dog advertising toothpaste because of her brilliant smile. Her name is Sofie and she’s a beautiful collie. Sofie has clearly smiled for the camera before, because she can’t wait to smile for this picture! She’s also ready to shake hands as her little paw goes to work as soon as she smiles.

When I say she smiles, I mean she sits up straight, lifts her paw, and shoes her teeth in a big smile, just like a human! Her owner can be heard laughing behind the camera, and I can’t blame her. This sweet dog made me laugh too.

Watch this video below and tell us if your dog has surprised you doing something like this. Share your feelings and thoughts through the comments!

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