Her Mom Asked Them To Smile. How This Dog Responded Had Me In STITCHES! LOL!

Having a pet means getting a little dose of surprises every time. But this one was more of a shock. I almost passed out when I saw this adorable pet do this. I always am so intrigued in this matter. Where do they teach dogs all these amazing tricks to their dogs and how do they learn it so wonderfully? I am still in awe.

A mom wanted to take a picture of her baby with their dog. She wanted both of them to give a huge smile to the camera. So she kept saying them to smile saying “cheese”. Her baby gave her best smile ever but her momma wanted the dog to smile too. So, she asked her dog to smile and suddenly he showed all his teeth. I literally fell off my seat.

Whole family burst out in laughter when their dog did that. I have never seen such adorable smile till date. Best smile ever. Watch this video and do let us know if your dog does something like this through comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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