Mom Asks Her Blank Faced Babies Who Went Potty In the House. Their Reaction Is Priceless!

Potty training is a difficult thing to handle on both halves of both parties. The one learning hasn’t experienced this before. Has no idea the concept, yet in most cases understands the functionality of it. So, mom or Dad doesn’t have to constantly clean up after me. On behalf of the party teaching it can also be a little frustrating. It seems simple once you have mastery over it, but patience goes a long way. An understanding that they have never been taught this will immediately calm both parties. It’s all about how you approach the situation. As well, there are also instances in learning where we flub- make a mistake or do something at the wrong time or the wrong place. We’re all capable of making mistakes- to be living is to make mistakes and the learning curve really depends on the task.

These two-precious pooches are in just such a predicament. There has been an accident and there are only two individuals who could or would possibly make this mistake. It’s also a part of learning- we aren’t going to immediately have mastery. As well, some circumstances just leave no other option- get left alone while dad and mom go shopping, but they didn’t let you out before they left? Chances are something may be different when they get back.

The mom in a very controlled and level-headed tone asks both the tiny, fluffy Chihuahua and the precious Yorkie, “Who pooped in the kitchen?” The idea that one of them will fess up to it. I have seen many times where animals know exactly or seem to know exactly what their mom or dad is saying. Let me be clear, I am not discrediting any animal for the interpretation of English or any language- it’s hard to understand. One of the most difficult languages to learn, especially if you’re not the same species.
The reaction they both have? Priceless.

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