When Mom Asks Who Made Mess In The Kitchen, These Pups Have The Most HILARIOUS Reaction Ever!

These dogs might seem too adorable to you, but they are very notorious, and even though they look innocent, at least one of them isn’t. And when one of them misbehaves, the other one tattles on her best friend! In this clip, mom came home to a mess in the kitchen and she decides to investigate and find out which one is the criminal and which one is the snitch.

When mom saw the mess in the kitchen, she decided to ask her pups about the mess. So this mom brings her two pups in front of the camera and asks them who was responsible for making that mess. In fact, what she actually says is, “Who pooped in the kitchen?” I got the distinct feeling she has asked the two of them this question before!

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the pup on the right answer the question. They both look so girly and so innocent, with bows in their hair even, so I seriously did not expect to get this answer from one of them.

Without wasting a single second, Judy, the terrier on the right, blames her friend Sunny as the guilty one. This pup is surely way too smart. I mean she did not even hesitate a single second. Clearly Judy is not going down for this crime! But wait until you see how she snitches on the guilty party!

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