Mom Asks Her A Question, But Her Response Left Dad In Complete Hysterics! Too Funny!

Babies are one of the funniest things I have seen in my life. They manage to crack you up without even trying. I mean just take a look at this little baby girl in the video below! This little girl is named Chloe and she definitely has a lot on her mind. But wait till you see how she unleashes her thoughts on her dad! I am still trying to stop my laughter!

Baby talk is usually incomprehensible, but team it up with speed and it’s a total nightmare! It is really hard to understand what this baby is saying. Thus the title of this video is hilariously called “Aliens communicate through baby’s body.” Even mom and dad can’t help themselves from laughing out loud at their daughter’s jibber jabber.

This cute baby is sitting in her car seat in the back seat with dad and mom is filming. All it took was one question from mom and this baby started “talking” and didn’t stop. She’s cute as she can be, but I don’t think anyone could understand a word of what she’s saying!

Every time she stops, mom asks her another questions and she takes off talking again. We can see dad laughing in the back seat wondering what’s gotten into his little girl. Is it aliens? Or is she going to grow up to be an auctioneer?

Watch this little cutie in the video below! Did she crack you up as well? Let us know in the comments!