Mom Begs Her Daughter to Cut the Cake. What’s Lurking Inside Has Everyone Crying From Laughter! LOL!

If you’re like me, you love a delicious cake for your birthday. But I don’t know about you, I also love a great prank like how this girlfriend gets revenge on her boyfriend.

When this mom gives a little girl a cake on April Fool’s Day and films the whole interaction, everyone is in for a good laugh, even her daughter.

When it comes to April Fool’s Day, kids and adults get an equal amount of fun out of this “holiday.” While we may have performed more pranks when we were in school, but some adults have not let the tradition die. And more power to them for keeping the fun alive.

In this 30-second video clip, watch as one mom presents her daughter with a “cake.” In actuality, the cake is a balloon that is covered with frosting. Her daughter tries to cut it but can’t. Then mom tells her to jab the knife into it. When she does, the balloon pops and splatters frosting everywhere.

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