Mom Calls Him A Dork, But What This Hilarious Parrot Did In Response? I’m Cracking Up!

Parrots are one of the most popular choices as pets because of their beauty and their ability to entertain. They are really adorable, aren’t they? They can imitate sounds and speech, and they are also pretty intelligent and entertaining. You can teach them various tricks through some training, but be careful what you say around your parrot. They don’t have to be taught to imitate what  you say. No wonder the internet loves them so much! Take a look at this adorable little guy in the clip below!

This macaw loves to dance. He was grooving to a song when his mom approached him. And every time he hears his mom speak, he responds in his own sweet way. He probably doesn’t understand what the human is actually saying, but his reactions are priceless nonetheless. This bird will definitely steal your heart right out of your chest!

But this talented bird can do a lot more than dance. He can imitate other animals. He barks like a dog and croaks like a frog. But when his mom calls him a dork, he looks rather surprised and offended! When she asks for a kiss, he ducks his head and refuses.

But that doesn’t stop him from continuing to engage with his mom, who obviously talks to him a lot. I believe she will soon have to apologize for calling him a dork.

Watch this adorable parrot below! Did this cutie crack you up with his silly antics? Let us know what you thought about this clip in the comments section!

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