When His Mom Can’t Crack Open A Coconut, This Baby Has A Hilarious Reaction

If you’ve ever even laid eyes on a baby, you know they’re some of the cutest bundles of joy in the world. They bring great amounts of happiness into the lives of their families and everyone else they meet. Not only are they fun to look at, but they always keep you on their toes as they get more and more curious about the world around them. It’s entertaining to watch them observe their surroundings, to say the least. You could be entertained for hours on end if you had a baby around to keep a smile on your face!

Although they cry pretty loudly and endlessly sometimes, babies have infectious smiles that are hard to resist! Their laughter is just as contagious if not moreso, and the baby in this video clip is a prime example. His laugh is bound to crack you up. Just wait until you see the way he breaks out into hysterics because of his mom! There’s no questioning why this video has gone viral – I could watch this amazing footage all day long!

This little boy’s name is Sixten, and he was hanging out in his chair when he started to watch his mom as she attempted to crack open a coconut. When he saw her start to bang the coconut on the counter over and over, he couldn’t control himself. He burst into laughter! Things quickly spiraled out of control, with Sixten’s mother bursting into laughter in return, causing a glorious and infectious domino effect. You’ll be cracking up when you see this for yourself.

Watch the way his face transforms from the ultimate expression of concentration to hilarity! There’s no keeping a straight face when Sixten is around! Spread the laughter by sharing this hysterical video with your friends. Then, let us know what you thought in the comment section!