This Mom Catches This Adorable Moment With All Of Her Babies On Camera

When you are a parent, you are constantly surrounded by chaos and noise. Your life seems to be filled completely with stress, and you want a chance to escape for some calm and relaxation. Every moment is loud and you come to highly value every little moment of peace you can get. Moments that one seemed so abundant and free are now far too scarce and too rare. Sometimes when everything is just right if feels like the universe is rewarding you with one of these precious moments of peace and quiet.

Every now and then, these moments of peace also turn into something absolutely adorable that you just have to get a picture of. You walk around the house and suddenly spot something just so sweet and so wonderful, it is almost impossible for you not to be filled with warmth and joy. You just have to make sure and capture this moment. You need to have a way to go back to this memory at any time, especially in those far too abundant times of chaos and noise. A picture is just what you need.

When this mother saw her baby and family cat sitting near each other in what was the perfect set up for a family portrait, she just had to get a picture. She was as quick and quiet as possible, slowly approaching this adorable pair for this priceless photo. Suddenly, something hilarious happened that disrupted this peace. Ordinarily, this would have been the worst thing that could have possibly happened. It would have disrupted this mothers vacation from the noise and ruined the beautiful memory that she was about to capture on camera, but what followed was infinitely more hilarious and heartwarming for years to come.

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