Mom Challenges Pups About A Mess In The Kitchen, But She Never Expected This Reaction From One Of Them

There are several videos on the internet of guilty dogs facing their owners after making a mess. Most of the time it is quite obvious who the felon is. Dogs really can’t lie after all! However, one of these pups decided to be a snitch in order to avoid the guilt, and it is absolutely hilarious! Who would have believed dogs would tattle on each other? They must be smarter than we thought.

However, these pooches get into a really tight spot when they make mess around the house and their owners confront them. In this video, these two dogs are confronted by mom about the mess in the kitchen, but how they responded made mama burst out in laughter. This will make your day even better!

One of these two dogs is guilty of pooping in the kitchen. When mom came home, she found the mess and soon enough called her two lovely dogs and confronted them about it. However, when she asked “who pooped in the kitchen?” one of the dogs without missing a second threw her friend under the bus. The guilty dog was counting on her friend to keep her mouth shut, but she was out of luck today!

This video is absolutely hilarious. I know that it reminded of playing the blame game with my sibling when I was younger, even though I was usually the guilty one.

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