Mom Confronts Dogs About A Mess In The Kitchen, But She Never Expected This Reaction From One Of Them

We can never get enough of owners filming their guilty pet’s reactions when they’ve done something bad. It’s usually obvious who the guilty party is because dogs are such terrible liars. However, they can also be tattle tails and that’s is the case with these two furry friends in this hilarious video, although they might not be friends anymore.

These dogs don’t like to be confronted by their owner after they make a mess, and it looks like one of them has no intention of taking the blame. Their reaction when their mom confronts them made even her crack up, so I’m sure you will have the same reaction! If you need a good laugh after a hard day at work, this video will not disappoint.

There are two dogs in this video, but only pile of poo in the kitchen. You do the math. When mom gets home and sees the mess, she calls both dogs into the kitchen to ask which one is the guilty party. So when she asks, “Who pooped in the kitchen?” one of the dogs, without any hesitation, throws her best friend under the bus! Oh snap! The guilty party won’t count on her friend to keep her mouth shut next time.

Don’t miss this hilarious video. It reminds me of the blame game I played with my sisters, I was usually guilty, when I was younger, only this is way funnier.

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