Mom is confused as to how dad convinces their baby to eat greens until she sees THIS!

Vegetables & babies. They just don’t mix, right? This has been one of the most difficult things for parents to do. How do you get your children to eat them? Well, you can always take the “classic airplane approach.” The thing is, it doesn’t work with all kids. I remember my brother not wanting to eat vegetables since I can ever remember. He loved fruits and would eat almost all of them, but vegetables were a completely different story.

My mother would try the smartest plans to try to trick him into eating vegetables. Sometimes, she would disguise the vegetable of choice as something else. The vegetables that my brother disliked the most were greens. Later, it spread to almost anything healthy like beans or lentils. LOL. I remember seeing my brother’s face when he discovered it had all been a trap.

I saw with other members of my family that getting your kids to eat what’s good for them can turn into quite a chore. I remember one of my aunts heard that playing classical music to babies while eating would somehow ‘make’ them like it, if there is such a thing. She tried it alright, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. My cousin now doesn’t only dislike eating veggies but also classical music.

What she ended up doing was mixing veggies or fruits that he liked, with some he didn’t like. This was the alternative that worked for her. She would start the mix with something like 80% of something he liked with 20% of something he didn’t like. The important thing to remember here is, to try to mix things that would normally taste good together.

This helped her teach her son to eat everything until she stopped mixing and gave him the vegetables straight, no mixing. There are still some things that my cousin doesn’t like to eat. For example, beans, lentils, broccoli, and peas. But fortunately, there are many things that he now eats, that he didn’t use to.

Now, the dad in the following video has just hit the jackpot. The baby’s mother had been having a tough time getting her baby to eat greens. She tried everything she could read or could be suggested to do. The only thing she didn’t try, is what her husband did. Anyone can try this technique. The only thing is that you do need to have good pipes. Music anyone?