Mom Confused When Son’s Coach Shows Up. Then He Hands Her Envelope That Leaves Her In Tears

Going to college is a dream for most families. With tuition costs rising every year it only gets more difficult for families to afford. Well, it is true that education is costly. What is even more expensive is the cost of not going. Job requirements have been increasing over the years and it’s only going to get more difficult. It used to be that if you managed to go to college you had it made.

Jobs would almost line up to have you join them. People used to work from 9 to 4 and it would be enough to support a whole family. Currently, with inflation and prices going up both parents must work to make going to college even a possibility. Colleges provide the key not only to getting a job but also to be successful in other things.

One way to get to this is to a scholarship. If your grades are good enough you can apply for an academic scholarship. You will have to have very high grades but in return, the school itself will pick up the tab for your tuition. This gives people a chance to play on equal grounds. Not all of them will have good grades and not all of them will deserve the scholarship. But at least it gives a few of them the chance to fulfill their dreams. Another way of achieving this is through a sports scholarship.

This scholarship gives people who have the athletic ability the chance to get a good education. They can also do it in very good schools at no cost to them. Having studied at a major school gives students the chance to be one step ahead of the competition once they graduate. Life doesn’t give people a lot of chances, but this is one chance they can earn.

Kiante likes to play football. He is trying very hard in hopes of getting a scholarship for East Carolina University. He tries his best and makes the team, but as a walk-on. This means that he gets to play for the team but he doesn’t get a scholarship to do it. If you consider that his mother is a single mom it makes it even more difficult to do. Kiante’s mother works at an elementary school and she’s about to get the biggest Mother’s Day gift of all.

Kiante’s coach is heading for the elementary school with an envelope in his hand. This envelope is going to change both Kiante’s and his mother’s life. The coach goes with cameras and tells the mother that he is there to say happy Mother’s Day and present her with a gift. The mother thanks the coach with a hug. She then opens the envelope. What she sees brings her to tears.