Mom confused when men in sunglasses crash mother-son dance, then they break into an epic routine!

Weddings have got to be a lot of fun these days and when families unite they all seem to want to put on the most entertaining reception for their guests as possible. Over the years we’ve seen some truly outrageous and crazy dance numbers going in and out of the church. We’ve seen brides singing themselves down the aisle. We’ve seen beautifully touching gestures involving the whole family at the altar. And we’ve seen everything in between. This time, it was the turn of this mom and her three sons to put on an extra special show after the ceremony!

Traditionally, there’s a mother and son dance when the groom gets married, and this time the bride also happened to be the mother of three grown-up boys. For her second wedding, they decided to put on a fun dance to entertain all their guests, but it began innocently enough, with a slow dance with one of her boys.

Suddenly, they’re being interrupted by two other men in dark suits and sunglasses and nobody knows what’s going on! The mom does her best impression of being totally clueless, meanwhile secretly slipping on a pair of shades herself. Then it all kicks off as they burst into a perfectly choreographed routine set to the massive hit Gangnam Style! The watching guests go crazy for it – and boy can this mom move! So much so that many people believed she was actually their sister!

“To answer everyone’s question, that is a mother and her 3 sons! This is her wedding indeed, she is also the bride. She wanted to do a special dance with her 3 sons to be unique and special! Isn’t she incredible, as well as her handsome boys? They killed it, family style. We are so proud of them, and really appreciate all the love and support!”

YouTube fans of the were amazed at this mom’s dancing skills and it had to be clarified by the event company! We think that’s utterly adorable and kudos to the family for knocking it out of the park on her wedding day. They won’t be forgetting this moment in a hurry that’s for sure!

Don’t miss this epic dance routine in the video below and share with your family and friends – particularly if you know someone who has a wedding coming up. Do you think you could do better? We just can’t wait to see more!