Mom Cried All Night For Her Lost Puppy. When She Finally Sees Her? Unbelievable.

This little day old stray puppy tragically fell into a drain pipe. His mother looked on absolutely terrified. However, thanks to the collaboration of the Arizona Humane Society, the Phoenix Police and other concerned parties a rescue effort was organized and it was successful!  The puppy spent the entire night barking from underground, but her sounds and whimpers echoed throughout every pipe, making it even more difficult to find her actual location.

Police were called to an abandoned house by neighbors who saw a stray mother dog and her newborn pups. When police arrived, Mama dog got so nervous that she accidentally knocked one of her three puppies into a sewage pipe! Needless to say, the mother dog spent the next 24 hours in a state of anxiety and stress.

Meanwhile, a plumbing company was called to the scene and used a small camera to locate the puppy, who was found 23 feet from the pipe’s opening. After seeing how small the pipe was, it’s a miracle that the tiny dog actually survived — but survive she did! Nicole quickly stuck her hand down the narrow pipe, grabbed the pup and triumphantly pulled her to safety.

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