Mom Cries For Someone To Save Her Wounded Baby — Watch Her Reaction When Help Arrives

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India received a call about a baby donkey who had been attacked by a wild animal. When the rescue team arrived on the scene, they found that the baby donkey had suffered numerous bite wounds and was in bad shape. In fact, the woman who had answered mama donkey’s cries for help had first assumed that the little donkey was beyond saving but had been persuaded by a friend to call the rescue group. In the meantime, locals had tried using turmeric powder to control the bleeding — that may sound strange, but turmeric has long been used in traditional medicine.

Mama donkey didn’t want to leave her little one’s side and she wasn’t happy when her baby was hauled into the animal ambulance. But not to worry: it took some effort, but the people from Animal Aid got her into the ambulance, too. Once they were at the sanctuary, staff cleaned the baby donkey’s wounds. There were over a dozen of them, some quite deep. It was a miracle that she hadn’t died on the spot from shock. Mama watched carefully and incredibly, it really seemed like she understood that these people were there to help. It took daily cleaning and dressing of the wounds and plenty of love from staff and mama donkey, but the little one made a full recovery.

We’ve posted a video about this heartwarming rescue story below. You’ll see for yourself just how touching mama donkey’s concern for her baby is as well as her amazing reaction to the sanctuary staff’s efforts to help her.

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