Mom Cuddles With Her Baby And Her Pup. It’s The Cutest Thing I’ve EVER Seen!

Few things can be as delightful and helpful for your children as having a pet dog. Their loyalty, friendliness, and endless supply of love are perfect for completing your perfect family. The best part about them is that they can recognize when a kid is just a baby, and they treat them with the carefulness and the attention that’s necessary, as if they were trained for it already. The video we brought today is a perfect example of the love that a dog can give to a little kid. When you see it, it’ll be difficult to you not to replay it!

The clip was recorded back in 2013, when Riley, the baby girl shown in the video, was just a newborn. It’s a truly magical scene. We can see Mom, Riley, and their beloved dachshund dog Nash cuddled all together in bed one morning. It may sound a bit dangerous in theory, but as soon as you see this lovely pup you’ll understand why he’s perfect for the job. He even gives Riley a few kisses, and looks at mom as if he was thinking “I was here first! She’s my little sister!”. Don’t miss it!

You can watch this heartwarming video just below. Don’t you just love moments like this? Tell us what you thought in a comment!

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