Mom And Dad Ask An Innocent Question. Her Answer Blew Them Both Away

Some people are speed readers. Chloe, the baby in this video, is a speed talker. Mommy is driving and Daddy is in the back with her in her car seat. Mommy asks her a question and she lets out a stream of babbling that is incoherent even by the standards of babbling. Amused, they ask her some follow-up questions… for more high-speed babbling.

Her speaking is so rapid that the person titled this video, “Aliens Communicate Through Baby’s Body.” It’s as accurate a title as I’ve seen, because it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy is in this baby’s body. Who knows if the message it was saying was, “Beware! An orange-skinned man will win the election! Make your peace!” We could have been forewarned. Perhaps if we slow the video down, she will be heard saying, “Paul is dead.”

Alien possession theory aside, this baby’s chatter has me thinking of what she could be when she grows up. She could definitely be an auctioneer. “Do I see $25K? $30K? $31K? Going once. Going twice… SOLD! Sold to the orange-skinned man over there!” She could also announce horse races. The rapid-fire delivery is a must-have there, especially down the stretch of the Triple Crown races. She’d inject a LOT of life there.

All silliness aside, this video made me chuckle. Chloe is such a sweet baby. The parents should enjoy it now, though. When she gets older, she’s going to be talking ALL the time. Then they will be fondly looking back at these days. They will love her completely, but there are days that they will wish they had earplugs. I’ve been there.

Even as weird as that video was, I still loved it. What did you think of it? Leave a comment!

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