Mom And Dad Record Their Dog While They’re Away. What The Find Out Is STUNNING!

As much as you adore your pet, you just can’t spend all your time with them. It’s just not possible. For this reason, many pet owners are left wondering just what their beloved pets are up to during their absence, especially if they’re aware that their pets get anxious or sad when left alone. The clip we featured below is a recording that a family made alongside a team of experts, to find out exactly what their dog does when they’re not around, and what could be the cause of it.

This couple, Nancy and Alex, set up a system of cameras in their house to tape what Max, the family dog, did in their absence. What they found out is heart-melting; Max can be seen crying out to them all day, just waiting for his friends to return.

Experts have said that the right hemisphere of the brains of dogs activates with negative emotions, and the left side is triggered by positive ones. So, in order to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, you’d have to make sure you leave the house gradually, and to always leave them on a positive note, so that they don’t have to deal with the separation all of a sudden and stay calm.

Watch this touching clip right below. How do you deal with your pet’s anxiety? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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