Mom And Daughter Text Regrettable Misunderstanding About ‘Drugs’

We’ve all gone to the Dollar Store to buy some novelty items and knick knacks that caught our attention when we were younger. And who says that the fun has to stop as you grow older? Well, this story involves a teenager, her mom and something in her drawer.

Ashley Banks had to mail a calculator to her friend and as usual teenage fashion, forgot about it and asked her mom to do it for her. Of course, that meant that mommy dearest had access to her 16 year old daughter’s drawer and what she saw in it made her blood pressure rise. Off went a series of messages to her daughter accusing her of using drugs. But the funny part of the story made these text messages go viral on the internet.

Those sinister looking pills that had her mother worried were in fact Magic Grow Capsules! After a few laughs, the daughter asked her mom to drop those pills in hot water and the matter was all sorted out, with the mother taking one last dig at her daughter by asking her, “Why on Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 6, not 7?”

Well, you can never be too old to play with toys and indulge in pranks or kiddy stuff. Don’t let the child within you grow too old to play! That post went viral, but for the people who don’t know what Magic Grow Capsules are, here’s a video that should clarify everything. Drop the pill in hot water and watch the magic happen! This fascinated me as a child and you know what? I think I’m gonna head to the Dollar store to pick up a few of these just for fun.

Are you tempted to try these out too? Go for it and tell me what shapes you got and what you thought of the video in the section below!

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