Mom Dials 911 & Asks “Can I Shoot Him?” What Happened Next STOPPED My Heart! OMG!

Sarah McKinley was alone with her three-month old son in their Blanchard home when they had to go through a nightmarish incident. It was New Year’s Eve and this 18-year-old from Oklahoma had just lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day. But when two armed men attempted to break into their home, they were in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Sarah’s maternal instincts kicked in and she did something unexpected and brave to stop the men who tried to force themselves into her home. The following video shares a chilling 911 call between Sarah and the dispatchers. When the man was able to kick down her door, this shotgun-toting mother killed the intruder after a 911 operator told her, “Do what you have to do to protect your baby.”

According to the Blanchard police, 24-year-old Justin Martin, who charged Sarah with a 12-inch hunting knife, was hit in the upper torso. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His partner in the criminal act, 29-year-old Dustin Louis Stewart, fled, but later surrendered to authorities. Police justified Sarah’s act as self-defense and no charges were filed against her, thankfully.

This courageous mother was able to defend herself and her baby against her attackers, but it was surely a traumatic experience for her, especially after losing her husband just days before the incident. These two men got what they deserved and fortunately, Sarah and her baby are safe and unharmed.

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