Mom Didn’t Realize The Shower Was Running. When She Saw Who Was It Was? I Couldn’t Breathe!

When it comes to bathing, most people separate into two groups- those who take bathes and those who take showers. The ones who take bathes just don’t seem to like water splashing in their faces. Almost as though they are being assaulted by water. The ones who prefer showers don’t like the idea of bathing and residing in a pool of water that they make dirty. Some refer to this as making “people soup.” The water gets dirtier the long you are in it, yet there is even another type- those who do both.

Bathes are usually associated with relaxing, destressing, and candles. Whereas showers are something quick, to get in, get clean and get out. Most do this in the morning to scrub off the filth that has accumulated over their time asleep. Yet, when it comes to animals, it’s a whole other ball game of categories.

From “NO,” all the way to “Please bathe me, humans.” This moment is brought to us by the latter. However, when your dog is in the bathroom without you realizing? It can be quite a surprise. They can make sure the toilet paper is completely unrolled, gather the trash all over the floor (just in case you forgot what you threw away), and apparently in the case of Lena’s mom surprise the heck out of you.

While at home, Lena’s mom heard the shower running. There wasn’t anyone home but the dogs. So, confusion grew in her mind. Upon further inspection, you won’t believe what she found!
When you see the amount of contentment on her face? You’ll be doubled over, grabbing your sides!

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