Mom finds her twins daughters in a laundry basket. What she films next will leave you in awe

Have you ever heard that twin brothers and sisters have a special bond? They truly do. I have read about and seen so many stories stating that this is true, that they’re impossible to ignore. One of them is a story of two twin brothers that were put on foster care since they were born, growing up apart from each other.

When they were adults, they learned of each other’s existence and started to put the pieces together, so they could be reunited. They sister was contacted by one of them and helped them reconnect. When they were finally face to face, they found out that they had a lot in common besides their physical appearance.

They had both studied accounting and gone to school in the same city. This explained why they would each get comments as: “Hey, I saw you at the library yesterday!” or “I thought you told me you weren’t going to be in town over the weekend.” They never gave any importance to it until they were reunited.

They also had the same position in their respective companies and married a woman with the same name. They had the exact same hobbies, and both liked and disliked the same meals. One of them had a car accident that the other twin felt. It turned out that at the time of the accident, the other twin was working and felt a severe crushing chest pain. It got so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital where they ran several tests on him, only to find that he was perfectly okay.

I heard this other story of two twins that were in touch but living in different cities. There was this one day that one of the twin sisters dreamed the other one got sick, and the very next day, she got sick. When one of them got a headache, the other one would feel it as well. This would also apply to anxiety and depression. Apparently, they both would get depressed at the exact same time.

Other cases I have seen have to do with babies and the special bond they share. Take this next video for example. A mother is looking for her twin babies al around the house. When she finally finds them, they are playing in the laundry room. One of them is inside a laundry basket, so she starts filming. Then the other twin comes into view and something really special starts to happen. Check it out!