Mom gets an abortion, only to realize a baby has survived after they take an ultrasound

The following story is as incredible as it’s going to get. This is a story about survival. Survival comes in many ways but it doesn’t get more real than when you’re able to survive was practically no one does. Claire is a unique survivor. She was born in the most unwelcoming of conditions. She would find this out when she was an adult. When she turned 20 years old, she made a life-changing decision.

She contacted her adoption agency. She wanted to meet her birth mother. This is a right of any person who is adopted. Many people don’t do it, they figure that they don’t need to know that. For them, the people who raise them are the real parents. Who cares who gave birth to them? Sometime later, she gets a phone call. The phone call is from her birth mother and she wants to meet. Claire has been preparing for this moment all her life. They agree on a date for the meeting to take place.

Claire goes to this meeting with high hopes and many things to say. She’s written a letter that starts saying how she feels about this. “Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all, for giving me the gift of life.” The meeting had also given the birth mother tears of joy. When she starts reading the letter, they turn to tears of sadness. Suddenly, her tone changes. She decides to tell her daughter the whole story. Claire’s mother was only 13 years old when she became pregnant. It was tough times and she did not get along well at all with her parents. Her mother worked multiple jobs.

This left Claire having to make very adult decisions when she was the least prepared to do so. She was desperately needing love and attention and found it in a man. She shortly became pregnant. When her parents found this out they didn’t take it the best way. They told her that she only had one option: abortion. They even took her to the abortion clinic to have it done. At this point, she felt very pressured and just wanted everything to end, so she agreed.

The date of the abortion finally arrives. She figures that once they get this over with, she will be able to go back to her “real” life. Or maybe she will at least be able to release a little bit of steam. The abortion takes place and the pregnancy is terminated. Her mother goes back home to her life as an eighth-grader. A couple of months later one of her friends sees something very strange about her. She suggests that she go to see the doctor again. She hadn’t been feeling so well. That suggestion makes a lot of sense. She schedules the appointment with the same doctor who performed the abortion.

She has a few mixed feelings. At this point, she just wants to know what is going on. The doctor examines her and tells her the words that would change her life. “The abortion was successful, but you’re still pregnant.” How can this be? How can you have an abortion but still be pregnant? What the doctor answers would defy all the laws that she knew. Check the video for the amazing and miraculous story.