Mom Gets Flared With Comments For Leaving Baby Floating In Pool, When She Shares Her Sad Story…

People say parenting is very subjective. What for some people is good parenting others may find it abusive. It is true that times change, generations change, and the way we do parenting also must change. We must adapt to circumstances that now exist that didn’t exist in the past.

For example, some parents believe that they are supposed to protect their children from everything bad. On the other hand, their parents who believe their children must make mistakes for them to learn. Making mistakes is a very broad term. As parents, we are supposed to educate them and lead them in a way that causes them no harm or the least possible.

Many years ago, it was thought that good parenting and the scolding would go together. Nowadays, some forms of scolding are deemed as abusive. There are times that parents can even get into trouble for disciplining their children in a way that they were disciplined in.

The other day I saw a woman in a park and she was with her two-year-old girl. The two-year-old girl was walking very near a whole. As an observer, I got very nervous. I yelled at the lady “watch out!” The lady looked at me and said, “she’s fine.” The little girl fell into the hole and started to cry. I looked at the woman very distressed and she said: “how is she supposed to learn if she doesn’t make mistakes?” Personally, I thought that was a little bit over the line. Some people view parenting in a very nontraditional way.

In the next story, you will see a similar case. Kerri Morrison is the mother of a 6 1/2-month-old daughter. She uploaded a video of her daughter playing in a pool. The little girl is sitting on one of the steps and tries to reach for a shoe. The baby falls face first into the water. After a couple of seconds, the baby rolls on her back and can stay afloat. She cries for a little bit and is comforted by her mother, but her mother does not take her out of the water.

As soon as people started seeing the video, she was bombarded with a lot of criticism for her parenting style. Many people believe that this is child abuse. She believes this is a way to teach her daughter to stay alive if she ever falls into a pool. Many people believe that you can teach your daughter or son to swim yourself or take them to swimming class. For them, you don’t need to let this happen. Kerri decided to let everyone know why she did it. What she said left everyone stunned.