Mom Goes Swimming With Her Daughter, But Keep Your Eyes On What’s Behind Them

Bethany goes on vacation with her kids. They have a very busy lifestyle which keeps them active every day. For the busy mother, raising her kids while her husband is working abroad has been a challenging thing. Many women would think that she’d be exhausted by now. The children have many activities. They have school and after-school programs. She makes sure she oversees their homework and any special project they can have.

She enrolled them in swimming class because she didn’t want them to miss out on any fun because they didn’t know how to swim. Both children have loved water since they were very little. They were sometimes scared of the ocean. The ocean can be very intimidating, especially for a young child. The young mother learned to swim when she was very little. Her father had taught her and she didn’t want her children to miss out.

She tries to keep her children’s minds active and busy because their father is working abroad. He doesn’t get that much time off. Nevertheless, they have always believed in quality over quantity. Whenever their father is home, they usually plan out several things to do. This is very important for the children’s father because as many parents, he would like them to have everything he couldn’t.

He knows his children will have to still work hard. He teaches them that you need to work hard in order to play hard. Vacation plays a very important part in this education. Bethany gets the news that her husband will be home in about six months. She tells her children and they get very excited. The children have been making very good progress at school and it has been showing in your grades. They have very good news for daddy when he gets home.

Bethany decides to take them on vacation. The vacation spot is a bit near to where her husband is stationed. A family friend is filming the mother and the children in the water. He suggests that each one sends a message to their father. “Think of it as something he will be able to see as soon as he comes back,” he says. He will feel very good seeing what he has been missed and hearing the warm messages from both kids. The oldest daughter is the first one to get recorded. The cameraman tells her that he will be sending the video to her father.

The oldest daughter says that he that she misses him very much. She also says she will always love him. Next, the cameraman asks Bethany for a message. She decides to leave a funny message. At the end of the message, she tells him that she misses him. You can see on her face she really wishes he was there. Not having time to look behind her she gets the best surprise ever.