Mom Holds Her Stillborn Baby For Last Time, Then Something Happens That Leaves Them SHOCKED

Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking experiences in a couple’s life. The joy of going to the hospital to give birth and bringing back your baby is shadowed by the grief and pain of having to bury him of her. You have made all the preparations for the arrival. The baby’s room is ready. Most of the times you have already picked out a name. As parents, we even start planning their lives and can’t wait to play with them and teach them things.

By the time we get to the hospital we are as excited as we are going to get. Being inside the labor room is an emotion-filled experience. Everyone’s focus is on the mother. On getting her as comfortable as possible. Most of the times the couple has attended a few classes to prepare them for this moment. They might know what to expect, but they are still nervous.

When you have twins, it is double the emotion. It is also double the risk both for the babies and for the mother. Parents of twins get to experience things that other parents don’t. They are usually afraid of not being prepared to handle the huge task. It’s double the diapers, double the times waking up at night. It is also double the satisfaction. The joy of having twins is something unique.

One of the things parents of twins don’t expect is a tragedy. When one of the babies does not make it, it is devastating for the parents. Any mother who goes through a stillborn birth can tell you the grief and intense pain that accompanies it. She goes to the hospital expecting to come home with both her babies but must bury one of them instead.

This mother knows that pain firsthand. She gives birth to twins. One of the babies is born strong and healthy while the other is not. The baby quickly turns blue and lays there silently. It is a heartbreaking sight. The doctors have done everything in their hands, but are not successful. The baby is declared deceased, there is nothing more to do.

While the parents may be joyful that one of their children has survived, there is also intense pain with that. They know they will not be able to bring the twins home together. The mom looks at both her babies and cannot hold back her tears.

He picks the stillborn baby and holds him close. She asks him, “Are you sleeping?” The baby remains motionless. She tells him, “Wake up, wake up my little one.” She cries over her son and something happens. It leaves the doctors and nurses stunned.