Mom Introduces Her Kittens To An Old Best Friend, And Wait Till You See The Kittens’ Reaction

Whenever we see the encounter of cats and dogs, we can never be sure how the two will react to each other. It is because we deem them to be natural enemies and think that dogs would attack cats, although sometimes this is reversed with a quite a hilarious result. But through many of the videos on the internet and even some personal experiences, we have come to realize it to be untrue that dogs and cats are enemies. There are far too many examples to prove that cats and dogs can be best of friends and this video is one of them!

This video features a cat who is meeting her old best friend, a dog. The sole purpose of the meeting is to introduce her new kittens to her best friend, who just happens to be the family dog. At first we see these two animals from different species greeting each other with what seems like a kiss. Then a little kitten comes along and sits beside mom. He is really curious about this new creature who has come to meet mom. Soon after we see another of this momma cat’s kittens tagging along. And what follows next is just too precious! I think it is safe to say that this dog has many new best friends.

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