Mom leans in to kiss her newborn. What the baby does has me LOL!

Everyone loves baby videos, right? Baby videos have something most other video categories don’t, they have spontaneity. Babies are natural actors and actresses if you ask me. They can do the cutest things and have the most awesome reactions to everyday things.

One of my favorite baby subcategory videos is baby feeding videos. I’ve seen babies do all sorts of things. For instance, there was this one time that one baby was being fed in his little baby chair. The baby was not very fond of vegetables, and guess what? That was exactly what was on the baby menu for that day. The mother was getting ready to feed the baby when she got a phone call. She went to get it but made the mistake of leaving the baby food in front of the baby.

Maybe she was thinking that the baby would start eating once she left because after all, the food was already there. She left, and the baby saw her chance. The baby girl was not having any of this vegetable nonsense. So, she picked up the food jar and started “painting” the chair with it. The baby had very good taste because the color of the food actually looked very good on the chair. The mother had only been away for about 3 minutes when she came back to check on her baby.

What she saw was a baby-Picasso, right there in her dining room. She cleaned after the baby and had no choice but to give the baby her very own favorite: Gerber assorted fruits. I think this baby must have planned everything in advance.

Another feeding video featured a baby eating spaghetti. Babies love spaghetti and this baby boy would not be the exception. His mother started feeding him and he was loving every spoonful of it. After a few minutes, the baby wanted to continue feeding himself. It must have been a tiring experience for the baby because his eyes started to feel heavy. After a few more minutes, he could hardly keep them open. This is when he finally fell asleep with his head in the spaghetti bowl!

This next video is a massive dose of cuteness. This mommy has just given his baby a nice warm shower. She is contemplating how cute her baby is when she decides to lean in for a kiss. Her baby can be seen sleeping, so he probably will not notice when she does it. To her surprise, right after she gives him a little kiss, her baby does something that has me in stitches. You have to watch this one!