Mom leaves 6-year-old alone with baby brother…what happens next goes viral

Bringing a baby home, or even yet, just letting know the kids in the family that a baby is on his or her way is one of the most difficult experiences for some families. Each kid is different, while there are some who are stoked with the news, there are others that really do not take it that well. For many it arises feelings of jealousy, to “have” to share their mother and father with a “complete stranger” seems to be something that’s completely out of the question, and something that they are simply not willing to do.

There are times that having a new baby at home it’s even the kids’ idea. Sometimes, especially when he or she is an only child and after the first few years of his or her life, starts to feel lonely and asks the parents to have another baby, so he or she can have a play pal.

Now, at other times, the child does not want to share his or her mother and father, especially if being over-pampered has been a daily occurrence, and this is what most parents fear when talking to their children about it. It is not like the parents are asking for permission, but they do want everyone at home to be on board with this important decision.

This is also the case for an ordinary boy, that after the baby is brought home, he has to deal with the fact that there is another “attention-getter” beside himself. His mother has to leave him alone with the baby for a minute. When she is going out of the room, she starts to think about what the child will do when left alone with the baby, will he just look at the baby and act like he’s not interested? Or, will he try to see what all the ‘fuzz’ is about?

So, mom goes out of the room as she needed to and her son is left with the baby, what she finds upon her return actually shocks her, of all the things she thought her son would do, this had not crossed her mind even slightly. She goes in and both her son and the baby are on the bed.

Her son is holding the baby and starts to do something very unexpected. He starts to sing a lullaby to his baby brother, mom cannot believe her eyes and she can hardly hold back her tears. He is singing “No One Like You” by John Denver to the baby, and the baby seems very calm and even happy.