Mom lines all her pug puppies up for nap time, and it’s too adorable!

Some videos are too cute to not be shared with all of you guys. There’s just way too much beautiful stuff out there, and now that people are recording more than ever, it allows us to enjoy sweet moments like the one in the video that we will show you right under this section. It’s one of the cutest puppy videos that I’ve seen, for sure, and it’s quickly getting millions on views since it was posted on YouTube.

A proud dog mother is now taking care of a whole bunch of newborn pug puppies, and they look as tiny and adorable as you can imagine! In this particular clip, the woman recorded them as they were all lined up, belly-up and waiting for nap time, with a sleepy time song in the background to add to the cuteness fest. It’s so adorable, it makes my heart melt, and you’ll find yourself replaying it many times after that, too!

Keep an eye out for the puppy in the left. He’s definitely a real sweetheart! He moves his tiny and adorable paws to the beat of the music, and it gives the whole scene a nice little extra cuteness touch.

Watch this glorious puppy moment just below here!