Mom lost 19-year-old son in an accident – What she hears on the car radio is amazing

No parent should ever have to bury their child, but unfortunately, it is part of life and the pain that comes with losing a son or daughter can be unbearable. Especially if it results from a tragic accident that could have well been avoided.

That’s what happened to Michelle, an Australian mom who lost her 19-year-old son suddenly following an accident he had at work. Since that fateful day, she has been struggling with life in general, sinking further and further into depression and neglecting the necessary duties required to keep going. Financially she had taken a hit and was finding it understandably difficult to get out of this rut – as anyone who has lost a child will testify.

With her life entering a downward spiral of depression, Michelle’s daughter decided to intervene, and she contacted a local radio station to see what help they could provide to pull her mother out of this slump. Thinking she was on her way to a spa day, Michelle was astonished when the voices on the radio started speaking directly to her. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing – and when they told her what they were going to do, her emotions got the better of her – and yours might too!

As her daughter drives the vehicle, watch as Michelle realizes that the radio DJ’s are addressing her as they have come to learn of her loss and her recent grief, and how difficult it is in such a situation to keep going. When the world seems to be piling up on top of you, we regularly need a helping hand – and that’s what these kind-hearted good Samaritans were there to do.

We learn that Michelle’s late son also had a heart of gold, and so they want to do something to honor his memory. Understanding that a period of grief can take its toll on the family finances, the radio station and her son’s former employer have come together to offer to pay for her mortgage for the next 6 months – just while she gets back on her feet.

And not only that, they also learn her son was in the process of fixing up her garden and installing a patio outside, so they offer to cover the cost, to the tune of 5000 Australian dollars, in fitting memory of the son she has just lost. What a beautiful gesture, and one that will surely leave you in floods of tears.

The radio DJ’s can barely stop the tears from flowing themselves as they deliver this emotional news to the grateful mom – who is speechless and totally overcome at such a gesture. Watch this incredible video below and share with your loved ones – you never know when someone is suffering and could use a helping hand to get back up.