Mom Has a Meltdown when Her Marine Son Shows up at Thanksgiving

They say a mother’s love knows no bounds, and the following video might just be one of the best examples we’ve seen in a while. We are big supporters of our nation’s military heroes, and we love sharing amazing stories when they surprise their loved ones back home.

Many people tend to think that the hardest part for a soldier to be away on deployment is fulfilling the mission at hand, but it’s usually just the opposite. Any military member will tell you that the most difficult thing about being away from home is leaving their loved ones behind. Can you imagine how much it hurt this soldier to miss his first child’s birth? However, it’s not always the big events like birthdays, weddings, and graduations.


Missing out on time spent hanging with family and friends is just as tough. As you can see in the following video, they miss their soldiers a lot too. “This video is of my wife and our middle son who is presently at Camp Lejeune for infantry training,” the father of the Marine in this video writes to Homecoming Heroes.

Apparently, his wife had been crying for days about not having all of her sons home for Thanksgiving with their family, something very important to her. When their son arrived to surprise his mom, Dad wrote that there was hardly a dry eye in the building.

Once you see Mom’s unbelievable reaction, you’ll understand why. I think this video perfectly describes a mother’s love for her child.

Mom Has a Meltdown when Her Marine Son Shows up at Thanksgiving