Mom Need A Candy Break, What Happens Next Will Put A Smile On Your Face! Adorable!

Motherhood woes are tales that are barely aired and the mom’s full time job is never given its full due. Motherhood is a great thing, you see your child grow and nurture the little one to mature into a great adult, but the journey can be tough and may give you a few more white hairs.

This mommy’s little ones were troubling her and she just needed a moment of peace and quiet. Unfortunately for her, her husband was out of the house shoveling and that left her alone with her kids who were crying for her attention. To get away from them for just a moment, she locked herself in the pantry just so she could eat some candy!

You know how it is with kids, they see you doing something, they want to be with you and disturb your moment. If they see you eating something, they want it too and if its candy, well, you can forget all about it! Candy is irresistible to children and if they see t in your hand, consider it gone!

Kids are cute, no doubt but sometimes you need a small break. This video shows us how this mommy tries to hide to eat candy, only for her little ones to show up, peeping under the door to say hi, a reminder that parents can never truly be alone. Shared by Reddit user Thund3rbolt, this story went viral with many parents sharing their tales of woe.

How about you? Do you find yourself looking for that moment of peace and quiet and have some precious ‘me’ time? Do you even get any? Do you get any candy kept at home or is demolished by the kids? Write in and tell us your parenting tales. Sharing is caring folks and we want to hear your stories! Write in the section below!

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