Her Mom Is About To Open The Door. But I NEVER Thought I’d See That Little Dog Do THIS! Wow!

We love our dogs. They are our little fur babies and they mean the world to us. From the moment we bring them home they immediately become honorary family members and we treat them as such. I’m sure we’ve all spoiled our dogs more than we should, but it’s hard not too because they are just so cute and we love them so much!

I know we have all been there where we buy our dogs the best food, toys, beds, treats and then skimp on the things that we know we need for ourselves. But that’s what we do for our beloved pooches, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well this featured video is of an adorable dog named Coco. Coco is a Cockerpoo and absolutely loves to chase squirrels. We’re serious, Coco lives to chase squirrels, so much so that she has even taught herself how to climb trees as if she were a cat.

In this video Coco’s mom tells Coco that there is a squirrel outside, even though there isn’t really, but it hypes up Coco. The second the door opens, Coco flies out it and immediately goes for the tree and the next thing you know she’s up in the tree searching for the squirrel!

You won’t be able to not laugh while watching this video.

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