Mom performs a touching duet with her son. But how did the judges react? This is too awesome!

Melanie and Jamie was the first unplanned mother and son duo to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. Jamie, despite having been singing since he was 6 years old, developed a case of cold feet a few weeks before his big date at BGT. After the doctors told the family that there is no medication or palliative for the symptoms, his professional singer mom stepped in to help him overcome his issue.

Appropriately, the mother and son duo chose to sing a duet by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera called “Say Something”. They did not have much time for practice and as Amanda Holden hinted, they only practiced in the living room, yet we know (and the audience knew) it would be something special as soon as the music started. Some members of the audience were already crying before they got to the chorus.

Ian Axel of A Great of World and Christina Aguilera had equal vocal presence in the original version, but 44-year-old Melanie who does this for a living let her son Jamie dominate the song. As Simon noted later, Melanie’s secondary harmony managed to significantly improve the song, and for that they received all four yeses to go to the next round!

What followed was a big emotional hug between mother and son. Melanie, who at the backstage had to ask her son’s permission to hug him, was tearing up and reduced to mumbles of thank you to the judges. This clip warms the heart and soothes our humanity. Highly recommended!