Mom pours milk for 6 Scottish Terrier pups – what happens next is hilarious!

Scottish Terriers are up there with the cutest and most adorable pups you could own, and they grow into adults with a wonderful temperament and demeanour. Known as “Scotties” for short, this adorable breed obviously originated in Scotland, but they have become extremely popular in the US, with some significantly famous endorsements. Presidents FDR and George W. Bush both had long standing love affairs with the Scottie, and they’re often seen in popular culture too – they’re even a token on the Monopoly board!

Scotties make excellent guard dogs and are fiercely loyal to the family they protect and like other terrier breeds, they can attach themselves to one or two humans only – and defend them staunchly for the rest of their lives! Interestingly, they were originally bred to hunt badgers, so the dogs are excellent diggers and useful for hunting vermin. If you’ve got a mole problem on your local golf course – maybe think about getting one of these pooches!

But these 6 adorable pups weren’t hunting anything more than their daily breakfast in this hilarious video. All waiting patiently, bright eyed and bushy tailed, the black-as-night terriers stare eagerly at their mom as she prepares their food – some fresh goats milk is on the menu! They couldn’t get more excited as their mom pours the deliciousness into a circular silver bowl. But what happens next is utterly hilarious.

For some reason, the pooches can’t stay still when lapping up the goat’s milk from their trough, and 6 little terriers begin to rotate clockwise around the bowl! Moving perfectly in tandem, they lap up their breakfast in formation, in what has become known as “the Scottie Pinwheel!”

You won’t believe this hilarious moment as these 6 beauties make short work of the goat’s milk, heads down, tails in the air, walking around and around their silver bowl. There’s a brief pause while they all presumably catch their breath, before once again getting stuck in and polishing off their treat. It’s bound to put a huge smile on anyone’s face!

The noise that they all make while lapping up the milk with their little tongues makes it sound like they’re actually a mechanical wheel – and it’s brilliant to watch! Don’t miss this truly hilarious video and share it with those dog lovers in your life – or simply anyone that could do with a lift! Dogs exist to bring us all happiness!