Mom Put Her Baby On His New Toy, But Don’t Miss What The Dog Did Next!

The cute baby star of the following video is named Alexis, and he’s just loving the new toy that his parents got for him! Jumper seats are great because not only are they extremely fun for the babies that use them, but they can also help them develop their muscles and their coordination. It’s a nice toy that they can use to have fun for themselves for a while, but the best way to play is always with friends!

The play partner that he chose for this occasion is Daykota, the family dog, and she’s loving the way Alexis plays with his new toy. She gets excited to see him so jumpy and cheerful, and she decides to teach him a very important skill that she knows very well: how to hop! Daykota started skipping around, and after seeing how fun it is, Alexis joins her immediately.

In the video, you can hear how Mom says that Daykota likes to jump on top of people’s shadows, but you can tell that it isn’t the whole story. She’s definitely trying to teach him a new skill, and she sure makes for a great mentor!

See this cute moment for yourself in the video right below.

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