Mom raises free-range kids: no medicine, no bed-time, no rules. Watch the results.

The way you and I raise kids is as diverse as families are. Some parents have stricter rules while others have very loose rules enforced. I remember seeing this show were teenagers who were “trouble-makers” for their parents would be sent to this other home where parents were much stricter. The troubled teens would have earned their spot in the show for acting-out in class and at home, smoking, drinking and not wanting to do anything for themselves. They did not want to work or help around the house. Some of them came from single-parent families, mainly the mother had tried everything she could and gotten zero results.

This program would be the last resort for many of these parents. The teens went to the other homes and were read the rules on the very first day. When they met the other parents, they would act very nice, but when they found out that they would not be allowed to behave the way they were used to, they started acting out. Everything from cigarettes and beer would be confiscated and if they were caught breaking any of the house rules, they would be punished. The punishment was usually administered in the form of hard labor. Some of these parents were living in farms, so hard-labor was an everyday thing for them.

The new parents and their “adopted children” would have a lot of differences. In the end, the kids often learned a lesson. Most of them realized that they had it good at home. They had few rules if any, and what their parents only wanted was for them to help a little around the house, attend school or get a job if they were through with going to school. This show had quite a following by parent-viewers and helped them do some changes in their households.

Because parenting is a very stressful job which causes a lot of health problems today, Adele Allan has decided to raise her children in a completely unusual way. She thinks that going the traditional way will get you the traditional results. She does not want traditional. She wants her kids to grow up with more options and she does not want to have to endure all that stress and diseases that come with it.

Her household does not have any rules that her kids need to follow. They don’t go to a public school and they are never vaccinated. Her reason for doing this is that she wants to raise “free-range kids.” This lifestyle would provide them with a sense of who they are and enable them to live a better life in terms of being happy. For her, restricted kids are never happy kids.

She thinks that the only way for a kid to be happy is if he or she can explore who they are and where they are heading, and this is never attained with so many rules. This started from the time she was pregnant when she refused most medical intervention. Discover her story and what this new lifestyle has brought her and her family. Aren’t you curious to see where this has taken them? I know I am!