Mom Sang “Amazing Grace” To This Little Baby. Her Reaction? This Brought Tears To My Eyes!

The beautiful baby in this video is named Louise McMorris. Louise was born with albinism. Albinism is a genetic condition where people lack a pigment called melanin in their body. People suffering from albinism tend to have vision problems. The degree of vision impairment differs according to the types of albinism.

Louise was eight months old when she got tailored eyeglasses that let her see things a bit more clearly. Actually, these little glasses look so cute on her and I’m really impressed that she will wear them. Many babies just pull them right off, but Louise is curious about the world and wants to see it.

She also loves hearing what’s going on in the world, as you can see in this video. In this video, her mom decides to sing her the beautiful hymn “Amazing Grace.” When Louise hears her mom singing, she gets pretty emotional. Her mother has a wonderful singing voice and sings this classic hymn beautifully. I got a little emotional myself remembering all the times I heard this in church when I was growing up.

Louise has a similar reaction to mine. She tears up a couple of times while listening as a way of reacting to this beautiful song and her mom’s voice. She isn’t fussy or unhappy. She’s just emotional and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

This video will touch your heart and make you teary-eyed. Watch the video below! Please let us know what you think of beautiful Louise in the comments.

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