Mom Saw Him Trying To Steal Cupcakes. But How This 3 Yr Old Defends Himself? PRICELESS!

The lively kid shown in the video below is named Mateo and he just three years old. But when you see how well he can argue, you are going to forget all about his age. His mother caught him red handed when he was trying to steal a cupcake. As she tried to confront him, Mateo immediately went on guard and defended his actions and it is simple adorable!

Mom asks him what he was doing with a cupcake when she had already restricted him from one. His response is so freaking cute, you are no doubt going to melt! He really puts forward one hell of an argument! This kid could probably be a lawyer someday! Or maybe a politician? You will not be able to believe your own ears when you hear his case on the cupcakes! So much attitude!

Clearly he has heard someone say, “Listen, Honey, listen,” many times because every time he wants mom to stop talking, which is every time she says something he doesn’t like, he tells her to listen to him. It’s quite a technique for someone as young as him to have perfected.

He’s as cute as he can be and very persuasive, but I suspect he’s not going to win this one. Maybe next time they need to put the cupcakes up high where he just can’t reach them.

Watch this adorable guy in the video below! What does your kid do when you catch them in situations like this? Share with us in the comments!

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