Mom Sees Boy Approach Disabled Son On Playground. What Happens Next Is Shocking

Felipe Wendel and Augusto Barbieri are now best friends and their story, like many other best friend stories started early in childhood. They met in kindergarten and from the very start they hit it off and have been best friends ever since. This particular story gladly surprised their teacher and all the school staff.

Children are born without prejudice or racism issues. Children can see way past color of the skin, social status or the fact that one of them might be disabled, which is exactly the case for Augusto. Augusto has been disabled and undergoing therapies since birth, and relies heavily on a walker to be able to get from point A to point B. Even though it might be normal for children to stare at someone who might be confined to a wheelchair or being mobile with the use of a walker, they mostly do it out of sheer curiosity, more than some sort of discrimination.

But there is a little more about this story. Both children are from Argentina and both of them love soccer, the only thing is that they cheer for rival teams. While Felipe is a River Plate fan, Augusto is a hardcore fan for Boca Juniors. These two teams are regarded as the two most prestigious and best teams in the Argentine National League. In spite of their differences in team selection, both of them are aware that this is just a sport and the sport is only a game, so they don’t let such a small thing like that get in the way of their friendship.

Teachers said that they were really surprised at how son Felipe became so protective of Augusto since they first met. He would always be watching Augusto’s step to make sure that he would not get injured in the playground when he would be playing by himself or trying to play with other children.

Every day when Augusto would arrive to kindergarten Felipe will be waiting for him, he would greet him and go with him the classroom, help him put his things away and even Help him sit. They will also enjoy doing other things as singing, they both like to sing, and teachers and relatives say that they are quite good at it.

There was one day that something happened that made everyone realize just how deep their friendship is. It all happens in the playground. Being kids they both like to play, but there is this special swing that Augusto has always wanted to try out, but has never been able to get on. He always uses his walker for this and has been unsuccessful due to the distance from the walker to the swing itself. This time though, Augusto heads for the swing and no one wants to say anything as to not discourage him, this time will be different, and is something you have to see to believe.