Mom sends horses into the snow – their reaction has the internet in splits!

This winter has been particularly brutal. All over the world, we’ve been hit by the worst snap of cold weather in decades – in some places the coldest it’s ever been. That’s climate change for you! You only have to turn on the news – or even look outside your door – to discover a total white-out, blizzard conditions and huge snow drifts. Unless you’re lucky enough to be living a warm region – it looks like these low temperatures will be visiting every year.

Some people love this kind of weather. Many of us will remember those days when school was cancelled because of the snow – probably one of the greatest pieces of news you could hear as a kid – and then you could make snowmen and have snowball fights until your heart was content. Fast forward to adulthood and you’re raging because your car won’t start, or you’re snowed in your own home and can’t get to where you need to be. It might look nice in the countryside and mountains – but snow in the city isn’t welcome!

It’s not just us humans who don’t like the white stuff, as you’re about to watch in the video below. This is one of the funniest clips you’re ever likely to see and it’s got the internet howling with laughter. When mom decides to let her horses out of the stable for some exercise, you’re not going to believe their incredible reaction.

As the stable door is opened revealing the heavy blizzard conditions outside, the two beasts begin to wearily trudge out into the drifts. Although they’re both wearing winter coats, it takes them less than five or six slow, plodding steps before they realise that this is definitely not for them! And we don’t blame you guys – we’d do exactly the same thing in your position too! We’re freezing cold just watching the video!

It’s almost as if the two animals were in some kind of telepathic link – both thinking – NOPE! at exactly the same time, before tucking tail, turning and bolting back IN the stable. Usually, it’s the other way around with horses! But this pair knows exactly where they’d rather be, back in the warmth of their home away from that nasty white stuff! What were you thinking mom – letting us out in that?!

Don’t miss this amazing clip below and share with any horse lovers in your life – or just anyone in your life – we’re pretty sure everyone will love it!