Mom Stepped On The Dance Floor. But Wait Till You See WHO Joins Her Next! Sensational!

America’s Ballroom Challenge flies under the radar compared to the other big hoopla talent shows even though this ballroom dancing competition TV series has been airing on PBS since 2006. But on a late spring day in 2015, it was a flamboyant little showman who had the crowd and the TV viewers shaking their heads in disbelief.

The youngster was Daniel Novikov, and his partner was Alla Novikova, his mother. Alla grew up in Russia and moved to the United States with her husband in 2006, and the two of them now run a dance studio in California. Alla is a professional dancer in her original and adopted countries and she has been dancing since she was 13. Do you know why Alla no longer brags about her dancing since she was 13?

It’s because nowadays she brags about her own flesh and blood – Daniel at just 7 years of age is already a World Champion in the Pre-teen International Latin division! You will absolutely love watching this awesome dance footage of Alla and Daniel. Almost everyone who witnessed it was paying more attention to Daniel. This is not a slight to Alla – she was just as easy on the eye, except the skills and showmanship on display from her son were something else!

Since that historic performance in May of 2015, Alla and Daniel have marched right on ahead. Later that year in December Daniel was crowned World Champion in the Under-12 Solo Latin category in Paris! The mother and son have also just recently appeared on America’s Got Talent.